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I review technology from the inside.
Electric cars are the future.
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If you want me to make a video tear-down on a product, feel free to send it. There is no guarantee of a video unless agreed upon via email beforehand.

Videos are for Entertainment Purposes only. Attempt any repairs at your own risk.
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8:31Red Magic 6 Teardown! - I made a mistake....
Red Magic 6 Teardown! - I made a mistake....Vaatamised 596 tuh15 päeva tagasi
4:57How to charge an iPhone with Magnets!
How to charge an iPhone with Magnets!Vaatamised 476 tuh22 päeva tagasi
7:53The Worlds Most Waterproof Smart Phone! - Teardown
The Worlds Most Waterproof Smart Phone! - TeardownVaatamised 783 tuhМісяць tagasi
8:03Not all Gaming Phones Survive... Red Magic 6 Durability Test!
12:46Our Garden Can Now Water Itself! - How to Harness Gravity?
10:36How strong is a CARBON FIBER smartphone?! - Durability Test!
4:35How Fast is 5G on a Mountain?! - Lets find out...
How Fast is 5G on a Mountain?! - Lets find out...Vaatamised 314 tuhМісяць tagasi
9:25A NEW Sapphire Smartphone?! - Ultra Rugged or Ultra Premium?
10:53Does the Folding Mate X2 have Hidden Carbon Fiber? - Teardown!
5:08Apple AirTag Teardown! - How easy does it scratch?
Apple AirTag Teardown! - How easy does it scratch?Vaatamised 1,3 mln2 місяці tagasi
6:08How do 'Magnet Triggers' work? - Blackshark 4 Teardown!
How do 'Magnet Triggers' work? - Blackshark 4 Teardown!Vaatamised 828 tuh2 місяці tagasi
11:14An ICE COLD Gaming Phone? - Durability Test!
An ICE COLD Gaming Phone? - Durability Test!Vaatamised 914 tuh3 місяці tagasi
11:28One Year Solar Update! - Is Do it Yourself Solar worth it?
One Year Solar Update! - Is Do it Yourself Solar worth it?Vaatamised 1,3 mln3 місяці tagasi
9:52How to Remove Scratches on an iPhone Screen? - (Not Clickbait)
8:24Weve Never Seen This in a Phone! - Legion Duel 2 Teardown!
Weve Never Seen This in a Phone! - Legion Duel 2 Teardown!Vaatamised 1,6 mln3 місяці tagasi
6:33Does size matter? - How big is Realme's 108mp Camera?
Does size matter? - How big is Realme's 108mp Camera?Vaatamised 555 tuh3 місяці tagasi
10:40The coolest phone I've ever broken - Legion Duel Phone 2
11:32An Electric HUMMER SUV?! - First look at the Tesla rescue vehicle
6:40108 Megapixels for $300?! - Smartphone Durability test!
108 Megapixels for $300?! - Smartphone Durability test!Vaatamised 926 tuh3 місяці tagasi
7:22OnePlus 9 Pro Durability Test! - Who is Hasselblad?!
OnePlus 9 Pro Durability Test! - Who is Hasselblad?!Vaatamised 2,4 mln4 місяці tagasi
8:29ROG Phone 5 Teardown! - Why did it break?!
ROG Phone 5 Teardown! - Why did it break?!Vaatamised 1,2 mln4 місяці tagasi
9:54The ROG Phone 5 has a Problem - Durability Test Fail!
The ROG Phone 5 has a Problem - Durability Test Fail!Vaatamised 2,3 mln4 місяці tagasi
10:39A $2500 Teardown?! - its a party on the inside...
A $2500 Teardown?! - its a party on the inside...Vaatamised 872 tuh4 місяці tagasi
8:15The Worlds Most 'Professional' Phone? - Durability Test!
The Worlds Most 'Professional' Phone? - Durability Test!Vaatamised 1,4 mln4 місяці tagasi


  • Respect

  • Zack: *gets pruned and transferred to the Void, sees Alioth* Zack: “Today we will durability test the big storm cloud monster creature. Let’s get started *intro music*”


  • hey Zach send it to Hugh jeffres

  • "Does your phone ever get hot?". *Rendering [email protected] on my old S4+*

  • Well I'm using a one plus 7t and might get the one plus 10 but one plus isn't the company it used to be so I might switch to a Chinese company like xniaomi or whatever it's called cause Huawei is banned from the US.

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max since day one.

  • My phone I used lasted for a year and when the time comes, the screen was broken because I knock the screen and it was completely dark and when it exposed to sunlight, the screen still shows my contents inside and until it is gone. So I decided to not to use it anymore and I completely broke the phone. (Phone used: CHERRY MOBILE OMEGA X)

  • I've been using my note 10 plus for 2 years just changed the wireless charging receiver cuz my phone was saying too cold I repair phones as a job

  • i have the same phone :)

  • Well. That's exactly the reason why I put my phone in the pocket screen side to my thigh.

  • the batteries should be vented with a fan to outside the house, battery toxins will fill the air in the garage and make you sick, love the batteries and the storage idea in the cabinet, they look nice to use. pretty sure most good inverters want you to hook up an earth ground, like you would your house panel box.

  • why didn't he just keep the Note 10 5G like that?

  • Hi .. so I'm using 3 phones now. 1. The oldest s7 edge I use it in bed to watch youtune videos listen music wenn im home including this one I have it since Dec 2016. 2. Main phone note 10, 2 years now 3. iPhone se 2020 for business at work. Since Nov.2020

  • My older phone is in use since 2017, ZTE Axon 7. Axon was stashed waiting for a donor for screen replacement, since it broke in 2018. revived in 2019 and currently with my dad. Since it broke I bought 3 phones, got robbed twice with my Moto Z2 Force (twice), than i gave up and bought an xiaomi poco X3 (snap 732G).

  • Using my note 9 now for 3 years, back seal has given up so I'm using a case to keep the back together with the phone... Screen has a crack just like yours but fortunately it still works🥴... Heats up easily nowadays especially when I'm gaming 😬 but overall it's still working 👍😁

  • I have been using my Huawei Mate 10 lite from more then 4 years. Or maybe more

  • I have a Note 9 which is around two years old. I got it just before the note 10s came out. Still has an allday battery and is in good condition. Don't plan on upgrading for another few years

  • LG G8X THINQ 🙌 1 year

  • well I got my phone 15 days ago so not quite where you are jerry

  • I bought galaxy S9+ same year as your note 10, just a month my display breaks, then I bought a used one and did the same, I'm still with my "Frankenstein" and still working pretty good. I grew in a family that always says, if you broke it, repair it, if you can't repair it, you almost tried and learn!!!

  • i remember the feeling of trying to explain to my friends that my white iPhone 7 was black , now i'm on my third iPhone 7 and i honestly don't know which one the parts originally came from

  • Or just use a screen protector

    • If he had spent like 10minuets putting a screen protector on it would have saved him hours of time and maybe even Hundreds of dollars

  • Is no one gonna talk about the slow motion instant replay?

  • ive been using my phone for 2 years and my dad used it for 4 before that its a 6s

  • the only missing one is the FATWS reference

  • 18months ive had mine

  • I've been using my Galaxy s8 for over 4 years

  • It’s called “grafting”

  • Ive used my samsung s8+ for almost 4 years

  • 4:58 better hope bending that VC didn’t collapse it

  • The thumbnail looked a lil sus if you looked at the carving

  • Been using my phone for 4 years now. Still cannot upgrade bc I don't have the money. I'd appreciate it to have one of your durability tested phones tho lol

  • Got the OnePlus 7 Pro when it came out and still going strong with the battery life and performance after 2 years, so unless I drop it (knock on wood), I feel like I could be using this for another two years.

  • I'm using my MI note 4 from last 4 years and it's still working 😁

  • 5 years, same screen protector, never broke but i let it fell a few times

  • I have had my phone for a few months and my dad is still using an iPhone 6s

  • I've purchased my Note9 year after it came out, used it all time for now till May i guess when i got used P30 Pro and Note is being used by my girlfriend (as well as her Iphone i fixed for her). No wasting here :D

  • It's been 8 months since I got my new phone. I got Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. It really feels like I've had it for like 2 months😂

  • I Have Note 8 Now 3 Year its Working Perfectly 🧟‍♂️

  • Is there no way to reinstall the water resistance adhesive?

  • I have the Note10 Plus 5g! Had it 2 years now. Not upgrading it as I've managed to keep in in awesome condition luckily. Love this beast.

  • I loved the TVA part 🤣

  • I've had my Samsung Galaxy A6 for 4 ish years now, it isn't great but until the screen falls out I'm going to keep it. Unless I can afford a new one...

  • I'm using my oneplus 7 almost 2 years. Fast charging is not working properly. That suck

  • I've got a 5 years old phone. Beat that...

  • iPhone 7, 32gb, 4 years and still going strong

  • I have my Nokia 7 plus for 3 years and it's still running good but I'm changing it with a red magic 6r in a few days 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • 3:53 I like that Loki reference :")

  • Still using Poco F1

  • JRE: "I broke my phone twice" His collection of phones that got destroyed by his durability tests: *"I'm not even here baby."*

  • My old phone was a samsung s3 neo, that was ~4 years old and a hand me down from my older sibling. My current phone is a budget samsung A21s, bought a few months ago, and I'm quite sure I'll keep it until it dies on me. Though I miss the 90hertz refresh rate of my old one, it got somewhat aggravating that most apps, that I needed for school didn't work (classroom/zoom), and even basic things like a browser would break because of the outdated/unsupported OS. Thankfully samsung has extended support for longer, with some models having a full 4 years of OS and security upgrades.

  • My 2 year contract for my A70 is up next month. Im still keeping the phone for another year or 2 easy. Zero scratches or cracks.

  • TVA variants 😱😂

  • Been rocking the base S6 for over 5 years of good service. Finally set it down for the behemoth called the Note 20 Ultra and since Samsung apparently is putting the Note line to rest I will definitely keep it.

  • Just bought an iphone xs (renewed) on amazon, after using an iphone 7 for 5 years.

  • I used my samsung j3 2016 for two years before it broke

  • Been using the same iPhone 8 Plus since it came out had to replace the screen a few times but still works lol

  • I've been using my Pixel 3a XL for about 2 years now, probably gonna upgrade to the 5a or 6 whenever they come out.

  • I’ve been using my samsung A5 2017 for 4 years now Still works like a charm

  • I upgraded not too long ago from the original OnePlus One that I got 6 months after it was first released to my current phone the OnePlus 7T Pro. It's got scratches on the screen from having dropped it on gravel but I'm very pleased with it and will likely keep it as long as I can like I did the OnePlus One

  • International won't work with your sim how come is it carrier locked?

  • Save the earth

  • Reduce Reuse Recycle

  • 6 years and counting welcome to syria

  • I don't understand why he wouldn't just buy a new screen. I own a blue note 10+ and i've replaced the screen 3 times and the back 7 times. I'm nowhere near as rich as him but I can afford to fix it when it breaks. so i don't understand

  • Very responsible consumer .

  • I'm using an LG G5.. got it when it just came out.. so yeah pretty old lol

  • My daily LG V30 is from 2017.

  • iPhone XS Max for 4 years already since it first released, I think. Might be 3 years.

  • iPhone 7 and Nokia 7+ quite few years already 🤗

  • I’m using a almost 3 years old XS Max, however the other day I cracked my back glass, but still on original screen, and therefore since I cracked the back I’m upgrading to the new iPhone in September, if it survive the durability test 😏

  • My previous phone was the iPhone X I had since launch and I replaced it with the iPhone 12 Pro Max I’ve had this one since launch and plan to have it for 3 years or until it breaks

  • “On accident” you mean by accident lol

  • Hé kept roasting the « crayon box phone »

  • Coffee with rum

  • I bought my Note 9 around the same time as you bought the 10. The screen burn has only recently started getting on my nerves, but I can't afford a new phone so I'll stick with this Thanos colored phone with your skin on the back!

  • s8

  • i donot know how to say it but in one months i damaged 3 s10+ after that i ended buying m51 -_-

  • I am useing my phone since 2017